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Process automation currently plays an extremely important role in companies, since knowledge administration and technological management increasingly influence their competitive level.

In the global environment we live in, it is more important than ever for organizations to simplify operations so that managers and executives can focus more time on activities that generate income. Therefore, before digitizing, it is very important to define activities by roles and areas to automate processes, it allows to make the operation more efficient, thus reducing costs.

Knowledge standardization

Once the processes are automated, the business know-how does not remain in the mind of a collaborator, but will now be part of the process, this allows it to be available at all times to everyone.

Improve the use of human resources

Human errors will be reduced allowing to be more efficient, optimizing hiring and allowing the company to scale the business without limitations of human resource capacity and physical space.

Costs reduction

Process automation will allow your company to identify the parts that can be improved, making them increasingly simple, reliable and economical.

Value information

By carrying out an analysis of the times, performance and behavior of the processes, information is obtained that facilitates decision-making for their continuous improvement.

Real Testimonies

What do our clients say about OKO?

"Oko is a company passionate about developing ideas in a comprehensive way. It placed a special emphasis on the creation and development of our technology platform, providing exceptional advice and service."
Karim Temple
Coach Life
"..A team with exceptional leadership and a group of collaborators with a lot of mystique of work and committed to what they do. Today OKO truly represents a strategic ally that has allowed us to make things happen ..."
Hugo Bazzani
HPCD - General Manager
"We have OKO Tecnología, a leading company in application development, to keep our page in the state of the art, as our ally to improve the services that Chapter Venezuela can provide to its members and to the community of project managers inside and outside our borders. "
Martín Serpa
PMI Capítulo Venezuela - Presidente


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