Nowadays cash is used less and less and the world has grown exponentially in new payment methods such as virtual cards, mobile applications, contactless, virtual wallets, etc.

We have a team of experts at the national and international level, with extensive knowledge in the processes, technological platforms, development, regulations and standards that are part of the world of payment methods.

OKO Tecnología

We offer the solutions you need so that your clients can pay for products, goods or services in a comfortable, fast and secure way, with the latest technology.

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We develop transactional solutions for the Banking and Fintech Sector. Either for self-service portals or payment enablers.

Home Banking: Queries, transfers, bank references, among others.
Remittances: Management of remittances for non-bank users.
Wallets: Virtual Wallet Modules Paypal model.

Integrations with RFID / NFC, QR, Bar Code devices.
Cognitive Services.

We carry out integrations with different payment gateways. We are able to carry out personalized developments to enable integration between different platforms.

Home Banking.
Self-service portals.
Mobile Banking.
Payment gateways.
Physical payment devices.

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Process automation experience 100%
Integration to Payment Gateways 100%
Enterprise Architecture 100%